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Pre Construction Condos & Townhouses For Sale

These Are Life Changing Opportunities To Finally Get Real Estate At Affordable Prices...

You probably already know that the housing market in Southern Ontario is incredibly hot right now - and it's not a good time to be a buyer - with bidding wars and homes going way over what they're worth.

That's where you can change the game and reverse the odds in your favour - with pre construction and new build properties.

Pre construction homes generally sell at below market value - especially considering you're getting a brand new, move in ready, state of the art property - which are valued incredibly high in the market right now...

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  • Discounts of $50,000 and sometimes more on these deals
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  • The opportunity to make life changing amounts of money with these investments
  • Professional help and advice to make sure you pick the right project and ensure everything goes smoothly

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Get All The Best Pre Construction Deals Right Now

New Construction Is An Amazing Opportunity - That You Simply Can't Miss Out On...

Pre build and new construction projects are your chance to put in tens of thousands of dollars and get hundreds of thousands of dollars back.

Imagine the faces of your friends and family when you show them your modern new apartment that you bought at a fraction of the price....

... or one of your many modern new apartments and investment properties, as you quit your job and retire early with the passive income you have built.

These new construction options really are life changing - make sure you don't miss out.

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Get All The Best Pre Construction Deals Right Now

Your Resource For The Very Best Pre Construction Developments Across Southern Ontario

We'll help you find your way through the over 1,000+ new construction condo and townhouse developments to get the right deal for you.

Whether you're brand new to pre construction or an investor looking to buy several properties - we've got you covered.

Get All The Best Pre Construction Deals Right Now

Here's What You Get For Free:

Up to date projects and deals right to your email

All floor plans and early access units

Discounted purchase prices and other incredible incentives

And more...

Frequently Asked Questions

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Our service here at Pre Construction Pros is completely free for you.

How it works is that property developers use a sales model where they sell units first through real estate brokerages, and they give us discounts and incentives to interest clients like yourself.

So we get you discounted pricing and other incentives on new condos, developments and pre construction - all completely free!

With over 1,000 projects in Southern Ontario, it's very hard to find the right project for you - and by the time you do, they've often sold out...

That's why we offer a free service to help you find the perfect pre construction property deal for you.

We take your requirements - from price to timing to neighbourhood - and match you to the right options, including:

  • All the top deals available

  • Projects before anyone else sees them

  • Exclusive projects you won't find anywhere else

And this service doesn't cost you a single penny at all - ever.

Discounts and incentives vary by project. Our average discount is around $50,000 - but some developers, pre construction and new build Condos offer even bigger discounts than this.

The best thing to do is to sign up for our free notifications and then you'll get exactly the info you need for every project.

You fill out a simple 90 second application here

This lets us know exactly what you are looking for as well as a bit more information about your specific situation. That allows us to know how to serve you best and send you the best projects that fit your criteria for new developments, new Condos, townhouses and pre construction.

Get All The Best Pre Construction Deals Right Now

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