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Get All The Best Pre Construction Condos For Sale
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The market is incredibly hot right now and you may have been starting to think you'll never get the home you want for your budget...

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Get All The Best Pre Construction Condos For Sale

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We can bring you detached, townhouse and condo developments that are in the early stages of pre-sale - before the general public see them.

This is how you get the biggest savings and best prices.

Platinum Stage Pre Construction Condos For Sale

And by getting on our free list, you're regularly getting access to projects at the Platinum Stage - which typically only lasts 2 weeks.

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Get All The Best Pre Construction Condos For Sale

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Get All The Best Pre Construction Condos For Sale

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Discounted purchase prices and other incredible incentives

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Our service here at Pre Construction Pros is completely free for you.

How it works is that Property Developers use a sales model where they sell units first through real estate brokerages, and they give us discounts and incentives to interest clients like yourself.

It is actually cheaper for them to do that than to do all the marketing and sales themselves - since real estate agents - like ourselves - are then spending all of the money on marketing the projects for them! But, for you, it's a win-win.

You get discounted pricing and other incentives, early access to projects, and you get the free service from a new construction specialist who provides even more value in making sure you're getting the best deal possible.

This is a simple question with a more complicated answer.

Whether you're looking for pre construction Condos, new Condos, new build condos or Condo developments, the entire GTA and beyond is growing, and is projected to continue to grow well into the future, making now an excellent time to buy.

There are also a lot of other positive things that this market has going for it: a ton of investment, a thriving and diverse industry, and room to grow up and densify. All of these factors point towards a growth in the housing market, and ultimately your investment.

There is always risk with any investment, but relative to other investment vehicles, real estate and new construction is definitely a less risky one with potential for much larger growth than other investments.

Discounts and incentives vary by project. Our average discount is around $50,000 - but some developers, pre construction and new build Condos offer even bigger discounts than this.

The best thing to do is to sign up for our free notifications and then you'll get exactly the info you need for every project.

You fill out a simple 90 second application here

This lets us know exactly what you are looking for as well as a bit more information about your specific situation. That allows us to know how to serve you best and send you the best projects that fit your criteria for new developments, new Condos and pre construction.

Once you fill out this short form, you will hear back from us very shortly (typically within a few hours) so we can review some of the best deals out there that fit your criteria.

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Get All The Best Pre Construction Condos For Sale