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Whether you're an investor, or buying for your personal use, pre construction condos are an excellent opportunity to buy at a price lower than anything else in the GTA - and for a brand new building!

But, not only do these units go fast, but you have to time it right to get the best pricing (and the best units).

So how can we help?

Pre Construction Pros has Platinum status with every major developer in the GTA.


  • You get great pricing that we pass along to you

  • You get choice from the top units in the building

  • You get additional perks like discounted parking and lockers

  • And you get all of this before the public during what's called the Platinum stage

The Pre Construction Pros Platinum Club

Membership in the club is free - you simply sign up by clicking the button below.

Being in the Platinum Club means you get all of the advantages mentioned before.

It also means you get notified of projects right away, so you can jump on a top opportunity and not let it slip right past you!

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